Kevin Cruise

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Kevin Cruise
Assembly George Square

There are a number of acts at this year’s Fringe who found fame on Britain’s Got Talent – for some, the publicity is working well for audience numbers (e.g. Out of the Blue), but for others there appears to be no impact – the latter being the case for Kevin Cruise.

Although Kevin’s show may be amusing to some people, he was in fact a physical representation of all that is despised about ‘entertainers’ (by which I mean the red-coat type). Kevin’s singing is very average – not terrible, but nothing special, and he isn’t really all that funny – I am not surprised that the equally untalented Amanda Holden loved him. Kevin also seems to have some sort of psychological complex whereby he thinks he is playing to a much bigger audience than he actually is (thirty is not three thousand!) At times, it was unclear what the point of Kevin’s show is – he creates this whole false story about his life – is he deluded enough to believe this story or does he just use it to crave attention? The answer is unclear.

At the end of the day, Kevin Cruise is little more than a failed performer; who’s jiggling sequined man-boobs were the most fascinating thing about the show. I credit his ability to entertain some people, but that is all I credit, and I certainly wouldn’t pay to see him.