Zoo Roxy 

This is a one-man tour–de-force. Siddharta Bose takes us on a journey over time between the great cities of Mumbai, London and New York. Many situations and characters are brought to life by this very dynamic performer.

Particularly striking are his encounters at repeated customs checks. I was also very taken up with his creation of being swept up in the crowds en route to Mumbai railway station – almost as though he was being lifted out of himself. Various difficulties, sexual encounters, problems with the law – are vividly conveyed.

One thing I would ask him to think about. He was working to create worlds and scenes inside our heads – often very effectively. He had a way of looking directly into the eyes of those of us in the audience in the small room – a vivid and memorable contact, but if you do this as a performer you cut across the imagined world inside the audience’s head and blot that out temporarily.

That aside, this was a very intense and energising hour, and the way it teemed with energy and images made me think of Salman Rushdie’s work. A rewarding window onto a variety of worlds.