Just by Ali Smith 



Assembly George Square Gardens  (Venue 3)

August 15th to 21st



You will never have seen a show like this one. For the first few minutes you may feel that you have come into a children’s show. But then things develop.

A young woman enters the stage, an eaten apple on her t-shirt; she sees a bus stop and decides to wait by it. Then she sees a corpse, maybe a clown corpse, by the wall. She is shocked, but just as she is about to remove the umbrella from its back in comes a confusable constable. Shortly after in come thirteen (clearly not an unlucky number here) broadly smiling people who speak in unison. And later there arrives blindfold justice in the form of Mrs Wright.

Matters darken, although they still seem surreal and almost circus- like. The world we are in seems a touch Alice-like, or even with shades of Pirandello. This short and deceptively light play touches on many issues of a society where conforming is of central importance, where swearing is more shocking than violence, but all presented with a deft touch of humour.

This is a unique experience that will stay with you, a disturbing message in vivid colours.

Tony Challis