Jonathan Pie:Live

Jonathan Pie


Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)

Aug 3-28 (not 15)



Jonathan Pie is very angry. His barely contained rage and frustration at a world (and ex-wife) that seems determined to screw him over is tangible.

The premise is that he is presenting one of those cringeworthy Children In Need regional segments, growing increasingly more frustrated at his role in the proceedings. “I’m watching Judith Chalmers wipe beans off her tits” he laments.

Between these mock live links he berates his producer, the audience, Ainsley Harriott fair enough) and gives the hilarious and poignant view behind the camera and the slick production of news media and political spin.

This is more than just a slash and stab at the banality of pop culture. It is an insight into the mind of a man whose inner animal has just felt the jaws of the trap break his ankle and is howling in pain.

“How can you not look at the concept of homelessness and not be disgusted by the idea that this exists in a supposedly civilised country?” he bays at his pack. He is their alpha male, they echo and juxtapose  his cries with their laughter.

The frenzy in the room speaks of those who vote in unanticipated ways “just to shake things up”. As the hour deepens so does his rage at the political system and about 40 minutes in they’d follow him anywhere.

It’s only as the hour draws to a close that the cracks in his psyche really become apparent and the smarter betas begin to doubt. Still the majority seem oblivious to his inevitible psychological downfall and follow him off the cliff of madness.

Truly cleverly representative of current and recent politics. Co-written by Andrew Doyle, this is a must-see, especially for fans of the youtube videos.

Go see.