John Robertson: Dominant ****


Stand Comedy Club      


August 4th to 27th (not 14th)

John Robertson storms onto the too-small stage, does away with a wholly inessential microphone,  and begins an animated conversation with the audience, who are quickly taken up into the very warm and open exchanges. Frankly, you don’t come to this show if you are a socially awkward hermit. Everyone is brought into the orbit of John Robertson’s infectious bonhomie.

He talks to the numerous audience members, talks about how he was picked on as a child, the bullying he experienced, including how he was assumed to be gay and victimised as such, though he is, he tells us, fully straight. To the point of having a wife and girlfriend, he says. Despite this, he is very impressed by the muscles and physique of some male members of the audience.

He climbs over the seats – sadly, there were enough seats empty for this not to be a problem for him – and chats with most of the audience. He straddled me to talk to people behind me, and I have to say this is the closest I have ever come to a performer’s crotch – during a show, anyway. I could have licked his trousers. But refrained. There were two reviewers present, one loudly advertising himself with his lanyard; only after chatting with him did John ask the second one to identify himself. He gave a cry when I put up my hand.

John talked about his enjoyment of consensual S/M activities and of being a dominant, and of enjoying the power – a great contrast with his early experiences, clearly. He took out and waved a whip, and said it would be used later. Indeed it was – I will leave you to imagine how, but suffice to say that I did enjoy whipping him at the end of the show, even if the stage was too small for me to get a really good aim.

John Robertson has a second show at 8pm – The Dark Room at Underbelly. I feel sure that this will be at least as enjoyable as his earlier show.  I would recommend this earlier show heartily to anyone who wants an hour of unadulterated adult fun, where you can just let go and fall under the spell of a very energetically skilful entertainer.

Tony Challis