Joe Sutherland: Model/Actress ****





Joe Sutherland is a new addition to the pantheon of gay comedians here at the Edinburgh Fringe. He is already making clear his rightful position as someone to be sought and enjoyed. His performance is assured and he oozes confidence.

Joe acknowledges that he hardly needs to tell his audience about his sexuality. We see some shots from back in his childhood, and his early enthusiasm for The Spice Girls. He makes very effective use of the screen beside him, though on the night I was there he had a technical hitch towards the end which must have been very frustrating, but he carried things off with great aplomb, and gave us an alternative view in no time.

Joe makes very effective use of a simple board beside him listing the areas he is to cover, being the different aspects of his already varied life. He talks about life as a model, emphasising the lack of glamour in the reality, as well as the relative lack of glamour in being a comedian. We hear about the problems of gay and family relationships, which are areas often covered, but Joe has a very engaging manner and succeeds in making you believe you are party to unique and intimate details of a very comedic life.

This year Joe is in a small portacabin  which fills up quickly, so tickets for his show may be hard to get, but his performance is richly entertaining and an excellent way to round off a rainbow day at the Fringe.


Tony Challis