Jodie Fleming-Stanley

Shows that Jodie is reviewing:

Al Murray
Ali Cook
Andi Osho
Beta Males
Betrayal of Penguins
Boom Jennies
Bridget Christie
Card Ninja
Catriona Knox
Chat Masala
Clare Plested
Craig Hill
Croft & Pearce
Dawn of the Dawn
Diane Spencer
Fiona O’loughlin
Ford & Alcram
Gemma Goggin
Hannah Gadsby
Holly Walsh
Hot Tub With Kurt & Kirsten
Jason Byrne
Jason Cook
Jessica Fostekew
Kathryn Ryan
Lashings of Ginger Beer Time
Lunch With Quattro Formagio
Meryl Orourke
Mindreading For Breakfast
Nathan Penlington
Pete Firman
Philipa & Wills Are In A Relationship
Roisin Conarty
Ruby Wax
Sarah Pascoe
Scott Agnew
Scott Capurro
Shakespeare For Breakfast
Sneasons of Liz
Thinking Drinker’s Guide To Alcohol
Tiffany Stevenson
Tom Allen
Vikki Stone
When Woman Wee
Who Are The Jocks?
Will Gracie: In the Closet
Will Hodgson