Jo Coffey:Not 25

Jo Coffey:Not 25
Southsider (Venue 148)
August 6-27 (not 16, 23)
This show may be the offering of, as she claims, the fourth shortest comedian on the Fringe but I can tell you now it’s destined to be a big hit. Jo Coffey’s set mostly concentrates on her career, but don’t worry there’s no tales here of washing dishes or stupid bosses, instead she gives hilarious accounts of being on the inside in the entertainment industry. From “greening-up” as child performer to being a reality tv producer on well-known shows such as the X-Factor and that “jungle one” she dishes the gos from her own unique perspective.
She namechecks Warwick Davis, refuses to be Yodo’s wife, sits in Kevin Costner’s seat to the great consternation of the movie-set’s flunkies, and gives friendly advice “you gotta love UB40” to 1D among others. 
Of course, her career wasn’t always in the glam world. Who knew you could get a job selling plastic surgery? 
But it’s not all about her and her jobs. She’s also got a real talent for mimicry. Her Amy Winehunt had the audience howling with laughter, but Owldele although it had its moments was a little too much shreiking. One tip –  sit close to the front otherwise you may only see the tip of Amy’s beehive.
All in all, a show that the audience responded to immediately with lots of laughter that kept up through the various stories and sketches of the show.
It’s the free fringe, in the side room of a noisy pub and there were tech difficulties that affected her props, but with her fast-paced and enthusiastic delivery she sailed above it all and carried the audience with her every minute.
RM Ballantyne