Jessica Fostekew: Luxury Tramp

Jessica Fostekew: Luxury Tramp
Gilded Balloon Teviot

Fostekew presents us with a one-hour drawl on her love of oxymoron and how this applies to her life. She self indulgently regales us with tales of dom perignon and kebabs and air-drying her hands in the toilet and then putting on posh hand cream. The pedant in me wants to scream that everything she mentions is actually ‘ironical paradox’ and technically not an oxymoron, but hey what’s in a word?

Fostekew is confident and her performance is solid. She gifts every audience member with a fan with lots of jokes handwritten into it. This is a lovely gesture; not only because the Wee Room can get a bit hot but also because it’s just kinda quirky and cool. Which kinda sums up Fostekew. She’s not the funniest comedienne I’ve ever watched but there is definitely lots of moments where i find myself laughing, almost unwillingly, as the middle/upper class decadent persona Fostekew presents kind of grates … particularly as she tries to convince us really she is just one of us – she’s so ‘street’ she even calls badmington ‘badders”….

Highlights are Fostekew’s impression of a cow, and an excerpt of her other job – reading the traffic report on the radio. The audience went mad for those! This is definitely a show to see. A great family-friendly way to spend an hour.