Isla Dogs: Pedigree Chums


CC Blooms (Venue 171) 22:30

Aug 3-28th (not Wed)


This year is Isla Dogs’ third Fringe outing. She’s evolved over time. First was Gen 1 -Suburban Spandex Isla, followed by Gen 2 (circa 2015) aka Elizabeth Taylor on meth, now her makeup is a teeny bit lighter, but the real difference is in her confidence.

Her routine is more polished, her rapport with the audience is more assured and her stage presence is stronger. She’s a hardly working almost functioning alcoholic millionnaire mother of 3, just trying to get by or at least get laid. She still can’t tuck but who doesn’t love a big-dicked drag queen?

After a Glaswegian punter kicked off about 2 comics slagging off Glasgow, he then labelled one of the acts a lesbian (although she identified as bi during her spot). Isla used her “man voice” to dissuade the unhappy weegie from continuing his stay in CC Blooms.

He wasn’t the only one to leave. Others found themselves triggered, offended or suddenly motivated to be elsewhere. For me, that’s a bonus. Isla takes it in her stride, gagging that she can go on until the last one leaves. “We’ll be here til Wednesday, there’ll be two left, one’ll eat the other”.

She’s doing 2 shows this year. The other is her stand-up one-woman one hour stint at Chalky’s at 19:15 (Isla Dogs:Dogzilla). This one is her variety show with 4 acts guest spotting. So it randomises the experience. Expect a selection of queer and LGBTQI-adjacent stand-up comedians, alternative performance artistes and random homeless people Isla has lured in with the promise of unfettered access to the CCs kitchen leftovers and a sexual favour of their choice.

With Pedigree Chums you never know if you’ll get worms or if it’ll turn your shit white. Check either show out and find out. Certainly I’ll be doing my best to see her solo show.


Update – due to health considerations, Isla won’t be completing the run on either of her shows. She’s planning to return next year.