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On a flying visit to London to see some previews before the madness of Edinburgh Fringe Kicks in, It was only right I caught up with one of my favourite acts from last year, the very beautiful and recently married Holly Morgan, and her stud of a new hubby Tom for a quick interview.

Oh my lovely Holly, so good to see you again, Marriage has given you such a glow, so tell me. what have you been up to since last August?

Hello darling! Well, we’ve been working on a TV project which has been a lot of fun. We can’t say too much about it, but hopefully, there’ll be some very exciting news on that soon. Are you familiar with ‘Crime Watch?’

Witches, go on, spill, what’s the lowdown on this year’s theme.

I’ve always been obsessed with witches. Witches are the ultimate divas: they’re sexy, terrifying, hate children and generally live alone so they can control the interior decor. Straight men have always demonised fabulous women and, when they could get away with it, they burned them. This show is us thumbing through the pages of the patriarchy’s Burn Book. And sticking two middle fingers up at the fuckers.

Your shows are there to highlight an important issue, how we see woman, do you consider yourself a role model for woman?

I’ve made some very questionable decisions in my time, so I guess I’m not your typical role model. But I do think it’s important to speak out about things that bother you, make your voice heard, cause a scene. Because what’s the worst that can happen? They can’t burn us at the stake anymore. Not without incurring some serious red tape.

How do you make it work? Taking a challenging issue and making it camp, hilarious and full of song? 

I was brought up surrounded by very camp people – my parents’ mates were all theatrical, my godfather was the stage manager at ‘Miss Saigon’ so I learned really early to “read” by listening to the sass he’d clap back to the chorus when they came in late for their call. I think looking at the world through a camp lens is the only way to deal with the current global shit show.

You got married this year (congratulations ❤️). how is married life? 

Well, nothing sticks it to the patriarchy like marrying a straight, white man! It’s wonderful thanks darling – we’re skint AF but it was worth it We got married in Italy just after the Fringe last year. We were so knackered, so when I saw a unicorn wandering around our Studio 54 themed after-party I thought I was tripping. It was just our mate James Rowland in a mask. And I was tripping.

Who comes up with the content? You or Tom? Are you both pretty much on the safe wavelength 

We write our tv stuff together. With the live shows I’ll generally have written a draft and then Tom and our director Lisa will make it make sense. But we are very much on the same wave length – Tom is a feminist and not just because he’s trying to get laid.

You both ensure there’s a message to your art, putting light on inequality, misogyny the likes. are you both so passionate in real life?

I’d like to think so. The tools we have are creative ones and it’s our small way of contributing – alliance is so important. We are obviously nauseatingly straight but our director Lisa is a gay woman and it was very important for us to have a non-heteronormative viewpoint to the show.  With the exception of Tom, it’s an exclusively female production team as well.

Why should people come to see the show? 

I do a Liza Minnelli impression at the end – surely that’s worth the price of admission? Aside from that, I don’t think there’s anyone else doing quite what we’re doing – mixing feminist stand up, musical impressions and providing niche historical info about how people used to believe witches had collections of living, amputated dicks which they kept in birds’ nests and fed on porridge.

Where, When? 

The Billiard Room, Gilded Balloon, Teviott, 10pm, every night except 12th.

Was so lovely to catch up and get all the fringe gossip, and won’t be long till we are getting ridiculously drunk in the Gilded Ballon Loft Bar! Cant wait to see the show


Taylor Crockett

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