Infinity Pool



Infinity Pool           

Bedlam Theatre, (Venue 49)

August  3rd to 28th   (not 29th)



This is a fairly experimental show, billed as a modern retelling of Madame Bovary. Well, it is about a woman who is diverted as a result of domestic boredom and becomes desperate.

Bea Roberts  has written and performed this show. There are projectors, party rings and PowerPoint, but no spoken words. The story is told of Emma Barnicott, buried in England’s wild west, bored working in a trading estate office. She begins comically rather like a be-duveted ghost stalking her fantasy.

The dialogue that appears as emails is often comic and got a warm response, but the story did not move quickly and I wondered if all aspects of the set were fully necessary. There are revelations at the end, but I found myself wondering if the story could have had more meaning with a three dimensional cast.

However, this is an extremely clever and unusual show,  which is witty in a variety of unexpected ways. I’m sure it has a future, and with some fine-tuning could have a greater impact. It received a very warm response here and is an enjoyable fringe diversion.

Tony Challis.