In the Dust

In the Dust
Zoo Southside

With an all-male strong cast of 8, ‘2Faced Dance Company’ brings a stunning and captivating contemporary dance piece with an electrifying vibe.  The performance was structured into 3 routines each by a different choreographer, and although collectively the performance was inspiring and beautifully executed, I did feel that the middle phase felt stylistically out of place.

Thematically however, it took its ‘starting point from the emotion and spirit expressed by the Olympic Oath, Olympic Anthem and National Anthems’, which complemented the sense of unity, evolution and athletic nature of both Ballet and Breakdance; from which the performance drew inspiration. Their movements were strong and controlled, yet they created the illusion of melting into one another as they repeatedly intertwine and break apart, filling the space and travelling effortlessly to a tribal pulse.

These animalistic qualities were strengthened by the earthy costume colours, and the low lighting heightened their athletic stature and complemented the minimalistic aesthetic. At times, when they moved in unison, the synchronicity wasn’t as fluid, and the choreography was most striking when they were physically clustered and also the total stage picture was more interesting to watch when the movement took on the pattern of dispersal and retraction, always maintaining pace and captivating the audience.

It was inspiring, original and evocative, with raw talent and an incredibly slick tempo. I would pay to see this show again, It is a company to keep an eye on, but for now see this show!