The Stand Comedy Club 5 and 6   (Venue 319)

August 16th to 27th   (not 21st)



This is a chat show between audience and performer for much of the time, that is also a work in progress, but none the less deeply enjoyable. Ivor said it was not really review-ready, but then encouraged member so the audience, which included a few other comedians as well as tourists from far away, to suggest phrases that I might include in my review. Suggestions I liked included, “wonderfully engaging, “ “he let us speak,” “tears up the rulebook,” “reveals his personality” , “utterly courageous,” and “you heard it first from Ivor Dembina.”

As well as much witty repartee, Ivor gives out many cards and in turn we ask him the questions thereon. This provokes more interesting debate, as we are a bit of an unruly class. The whole show is very relaxed and unpressured. Clearly no two shows are going to be anything like the same. I would very much recommend this if you want a show where you can enjoy the comedy both on stage and around you. You are sure to leave smiling.

This is only one of three shows Ivor is doing at this Fringe. You can catch him at Laughing Horse @ Finnegan’s Wake (Venue 101) at 13.15 doing Old Jewish Jokes and  Late Night and Free at City Café (Venue 85) at 22.30, both until 27th August.

There are no airs or affectation about Ivor – what you get is the genuine article, and sharp and rib-tickling comedy.

Tony Challis