I Got Superpowers for My Birthday


Children’s shows


Venue 26

5 – 21 Aug, not 9,16



 This is a brilliant kids’ show, for sevens and over and their adults.


Ethan, William, and Fiona are all at the same school and are about to celebrate (or not) their thirteenth birthdays.  That night each wakes to discover a strange gargoyle-creature in their bedroom: in trying to get rid of the scary intruder they discover that each of them has a different superpower.  Back at school next day they try to keep these secret, but end up in detention when they try to use their power to help in a sticky situation.  Together in detention they try to ignore each other and deny their powers: but when a children-eating goblin appears in school they are forced to use them and try to stop The Darkness taking over the world and destroying everything and everyone in it.


Remy Beasley, Richard Corgan and Andy Rush are magnificent!  They play the three children, their parents/ aunty, teachers in their school, all the monsters too.  The audience is gripped by a show with no props: just fantastically imaginative acting, excellent lighting and terrifying sound effects.  It’s possibly not for the faint-hearted or easily frightened child, but wonderful for those who like snot, slime, giant slugs, goblins and other evil-hearted monsters, and yearn to fight them.


Playing in the round, the actors include everyone in the audience with their running commentary on their feelings and actions.  The show is an excellent account of the problems of school life, of being the ones who don’t fit in, or feel uncomfortable in their skins, and simply of Being Thirteen.  It explores relationships, love, friendship, solitude, loneliness, and the benefits of honesty and co-operation.


This could make it sound like a preachy nightmare, but it’s not.  It’s a cracking, fast-paced adventure show that has the audience gripped from start to finish.  Grab and child and go enjoy!

 Mary Woodward