theSpace on the Mile. (venue 39) 16.20

August 4th to 12th (not 6th)

A group of young performers here present five characters – four girls and a winsome gay Muslim lad –who each tell their personal story. Mostly concerning problems with MEN. They convey anxiety, humour, hope, their vulnerability, especially re powerful or older others, plus fear. The male character has an extra source of fear, to do with sexuality, identity. The toilet seat on the show’s poster proves to be very relevant.

These five characters all tell strongly individualised and absorbing stories that are conveyed vividly in such a way that we can see the events in the mind’s eye. We go through their crises with them, especially when they are coping with predatory men. The middle of the five characters could have been more strongly conveyed with a somewhat slower pace and firmer projection, but the overall impression here was one of real commitment to the material, and of zestful and enthusiastic communication with their audience on the part of these members of The Television Workshop.

This was a splendid fifty minutes spent in highly competent theatrical company. The work is sure to provoke empathy and reflection, not to mention a good few chuckles. I saw the second performance and it was almost sold out. I predict it will soon sell out.

Tony Challis