Heather Peace

You performed in Edinburgh as part of your UK tour.
Yes. It was at Cabaret Voltaire. I loved that gig, it was the 3rd date on the tour and prior to that one in both Belfast and Glasgow the noise level in the audience was so loud that we couldn’t really hear each other on stage. But then a bit of Self policing went on among the fans on Twitter and Facebook telling each other to be quiet and it all came together in Edinburgh. The audience was really quiet and attentive and it was just such a great gig.

Your exclusive Fringe performance will feature brand new tracks?
That’s right. I’ve been in Glasgow for three months filming the next series of Lip Service and I’ve been writing the whole time and collaborating with singer/songwriter Horse, which has been both a pleasure and an education. Edinburgh will really be the first chance for fans to hear all the material from my forthcoming album “Sabotage”

You have a new band?
Yes. I have now got together the band that will be touring with me next time and
also working on the album with me. Lisa Tring will still be on drums and I’ve now
got two incredibly talented new musicians – Kelly Appleton on guitar and Sara
Farina on Bass and backing vocals. It was always going to be a case of
developing the sound I want on the album through gigging with different
musicians, but I think Kelly especially has really added something to my sound
giving it a fuller and more current vibe.

Your next album is being recorded with Nigel Wright. That’s very exciting.
I am just thrilled that he has agreed to do it. I have known Nigel since he
produced my cover single of “The Rose” back when I was 24 and signed to
BMG. He has worked with so many people over the years including Barbara
Streisand. He was also Oscar nominated for the production of the soundtrack for
the film versions of “Phantom of the Opera” and “Evita”. He is perfect for what
we want as the album will be live musicians and big vocals – and no one does
that better than Nigel.

Tell us about your online web series.
The web series was a way of us getting a tour documentary out to the fans
without the huge expense of distribution etc. We are funding all this ourselves
but still want to be able to give the fans everything that an artist with major label
backing could give. Filmmaker Patrick Stutt came on the tour with us and filmed
the performances and the back stage goings-on. We put together 4 twenty
minute episodes and the response has been fantastic. They can still be
purchased and viewed now from my website www.heatherpeace.com.
Do you consider yourself a role model for other out lesbians?
I think yes but just by default. “Out” or “In” lesbians have a serious lack of visible
gay women to relate to so if it means a young gay woman can say to her Mum
“Look she’s gay and she’s alright”, then it’s worth me being visible.

Is your first love acting or music?
It depends on so many factors, including quality of the script or music. I did not
like having to do acting jobs just to pay my mortgage, I’d obviously rather just do
work of quality and with my music career taking off I no longer have to take
those jobs. However if an amazing series or film came up I could not turn it

How close to the Lip Service character DS Sam Murray are you in real life?
Erm. I am a woman. I am Gay. Erm. . . . . . No seriously, she is far cooler than
me, far stronger and thinks before she speaks. I am much more emotional, flaky
and free-spirited than Sam.

Will you catch any other performers whilst in Edinburgh?
I will definitely be checking out my friends Jen Brister, Zoe Lyons and Suzi
Ruffell who all have stand up shows throughout the month.

Heather Peace at The Edge Testival The Liquid Room
7pm 13 August