Guest Post: The Queer Women and Non-Binary Babes Crushing the Fringe

Guest Post: Chloe Green

The Queer Women and Non-Binary Babes Crushing the Fringe

No shade to the straights, but queer comics are absolutely smashing the Edinburgh Fringe this year. And maybe I’m biased but this is particularly true of queer women and non-binary people; I can barely swing a cat (a classic lesbian pastime) without bumping into one such comedian, selling out a show or getting showered with stars.

Let’s take a look at the big guns to start with: Suzi Ruffell, Catherine Bohart, Sarah Keyworth, Sophie Duker and Olga Koch. These lesbian, bi and queer women are proving that mainstream success isn’t the reserve of straight dudes – you’ll be hard pressed to get a ticket to one of their shows, but that shouldn’t stop you trying: they are sensational.

It’s not just the big hitters worth showing up for, either; these newcomers are rising through the ranks faster than you can say Ellen DeGeneres. Siân Davies, Chloe Petts, Kemah Bob and Charlie George are part of a new wave of talent who are not only crushing it themselves, they’re pulling people up the ladder with them. Davies hosts Comedy Queers, Petts is a co-founder of The LOL Word, Kemah Bob created FOC It Up and George runs Crack Up Comedy Cabaret – nights dedicated to showcasing emerging talent you should know about, but might not otherwise see on man-heavy lineups.

Maybe that’s the secret to our success: rather than seeing comedy as a competitive sport, these babes are helping other rising stars rise that little bit faster, by backing each other’s projects and sharing their platforms. Instead of gatekeeping, they’re granting entry to everyone. It sounds twee, but comedy is a lovely place when a pack of queer cheerleaders have your back – thanks for the inspo, Natasha Lyonne.

Chloe Green is a co-founder of The LOL Word, a queer women and non-binary comedy mixed bill. She’s on Twitter at @_ChloeGreen_