Good Death

Good Death     
The Space at Venue 45

This is an intense and diverse production with a large cast which investigates the issue of assisted dying and the ability to choose how you die – and the many fears people have regarding this.

The early part involves the trial of Dr Jack Kevorkian aka Doctor Death who helped patients die and challenged the law in the U S A and was imprisoned. An English element comes in with the section on “Jean’s Way,” a book written about a woman’s assisted death written by the husband who helped her. Later, we explore the lives and attitudes of various patients in a hospice, with an eccentric and comic administrator.

Tectonic are the people who were behind the Laramie Project – re the young gay guy who was viciously killed in Wyoming a decade ago. Again, they have researched their material very thoroughly and present a wealth of information in an accessible and dramatic way, with engagement and some humour. The problems of religious intransigence are not overlooked, but there is a direction in which things weigh.

This may seem a tough course for some, but it is an issue of relevance and importance to all of us in the end, and you could hardly wish for a more digestible way to go into the matter and see what the debate is about. The great variety of arresting characters keep you involved throughout this substantial work. It is very much both entertaining and informative.