Just the Tonic at the Caves  

August 3rd to 26th   (not 14th


Your Master of Ceremonies for this evening is Wayne Carter, who greets us with witty enthusiasm, begowned, bewigged and barefoot.  Stroking his beard, he tells us about the various acts that are to come. The line-up varies from night to night. When I was there we had a sharp and incisive Australian lesbian comedian, plus a burlesque act who stripped down to her glittering bits to a backing of “Send in the clowns”. This was stylish and well timed. Other acts included a gay comedian who raised a good few laughs but seemed to have limited political awareness. We ended with two fairly dynamic women singing and playing their own material. This included the unusual rhyming of “tinder” with “reminder.” As they said, tinder was a difficult one, but maybe not as awkward as orange for rhyming! There was no printed list of performers’ details.

The audience this evening was mainly straight, plus some young femme lesbians who seemed to be having a great time and responded very heartily to everything. There were a couple of very likely lads in front of me in the queue outside, but when it came time to go in they realised they were in the wrong queue! Ah, well.

Wayne introduces the acts very fully and with keen endorsement, and has a good rapport with the audience without being intrusive, The front rows should hold no fears at this event. All the audience were invited to a dance event following which was included in the ticket.

This was a relaxing end to a festival day; variety but no big stars.  The line-up will vary, and you will see a number of different forms of entertainment, If you have a late night slot to fill and you want your mind to float free, this may be your cup of tea.