Funny for a GRRRL

Funny for A Grrrl
Stand in the Square (venue 372)
Agust 5 – 28
If you’re in the mood for Comedy but a little weary of having your ears blasted with the F-word and your biases stomped on, then you won’t go wrong with this afternoon show where four female comics, each with their own shows at the fest, combine to to present a slick hour of entertainment where the laughs are tickled and squeezed from the audience but just keep coming nonetheless.
Each day brings a new set of performers.On the day, I’m there it has an international flavour with India, Ireland and Canada (well, kinda) represented.
First up Sindhu Vee, who is happy for you to call her Sindhu the Hindu, if it helps you to remember her name. It is a name worth remembering.  She delivered a relaxed and chatty set that managed the improbable feat of making us laugh about Christmas with a Dane in the middle of the summer.
Next up, Mary Bourke, a performer who is no stranger to Edinburgh audience and who has international experience. In Australia, her battles with the manufacturers of a certain rose pink liquid shame feminine hygene product leave us squirming for more tales of take downs and she doesn’t disappoint as White Boys with Dreadlocks are up next on her list. She’ll also tell you how to qualify for an Irish passport after Brexit. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think according to her.
Jo & Flo are two talented singers, musicians and comedians who write and compose their own material. Their songs are easy on the ear but clever and lyrical in a way you might not expect – meeting Ringo at the gala bingo, or licking someone’s sausage roll in a light hearted take on the quest for love. They are are sisters who moved to Canada to try their luck but have returned. All I can say is Canada’s loss is Edinburgh’s gain.
Kiri Pritchard-McLean is more used to playing stag and hen nights at clubs in Manchester but as the MC she creates a relaxed atmospshere with funny banter that draws the crowd in and gives her fellow comedians a well-warmed up audience for their set.

Funny for A Grrrl showcases a different set of comedians each day. It’s a bit like having tapas at lunchtime in a good restaurant – it’s all good and well worth a visit to any of their solo shows.