Funny As a Crutch

Funny As a Crutch

All the way from New York comes Funny As A Crutch, a show that looks at stigma surrounding disability.  This play has ten different scenarios which each look at disability in a different context. In response to these various scenarios, a very well thought out choice for costume was made; all the actors were dressed neutrally in black which allowed them to adapt to each different situation.  It was attention to detail like this that made the performance believable and easy to become immersed in.  Performed by a around twelve different teenage actors, Funny As A Crutch challenges and demands the audience to think about different challenges that face disabled people.

Although these young actors gave a very sound performance, the American sense of humour may be quite hard to understand by the Scots.  As a disabled rights activist, I felt that the issues that were raised were very worthwhile although as there were many different scenes, with very little correlation, this performance did not have the time to go into detail and make people really think about these critical issues.  My favourite scene was where someone was applying for a job and in the interview and a joker was running around distracting the interviewer.  The joker resembled stigma surrounding disability and the interviewer was preoccupied by the actions of the joker that was meant to portray disability instead of focusing on the individual.

A very good performance that is performed by an excellent cast raising many different issues.