Frisky and Fez Interview – Sweat Shop

Fez Interview (1)Miss Frisky

This month one of the many highly promising shows is Sweatshop, hosted up on the Meadows by Briefs Factory. We caught up with the dynamic duo behind the event, Miss Frisky of Frisky & Mannish and Fez Fa’anana of Briefs,  as they get ready to bring this extravaganza to town.


A meeting of minds from Frisky & Mannish and Briefs seems like a cabaret supergroup – can you tell us what to expect and who else you’ve got on board?

Frisky: correct. I feel like we are doing Briefs a massive favour with my presence. It’s the kind charity work that Miss Frisky is famous for.

Fez: Frisky begged to come on board. We really wanted Mannish but he was busy!


What was the inspiration for Sweatshop?

Frisky: Sweat

Fez: Shopping

Frisky: We wanted to make a late night variety show that would stand up and stand out.

Fez: 2016 has been an epic year with iconically epic events with epically unethical motivations and epically emotive outcomes. I think a late night variety campaigning cabaret show is appropriate.


The issue of globalisation and workers rights is of course more nuanced than at first glance. Issues surrounding investment vs exploitation, sub contracting, national minimum wage, local ownership of factories etc. How can people best be informed beyond just headlines?

Fez: It is an incredibly complicated issue, we’ve been doing lots of research on statistics and case studies, trying to distil the information into something consumable but not glib…

Frisky: Plus, it gave us lots of tips on how to make more money from a variety show in Edinburgh. Did you know you don’t even have to pay guest acts in variety shows during the Fringe?! It’s brilliant.


Describe your ideal Fringe hookup.

Frisky: My Face + Haggis On A Pizza. Ideally around 4am, on the corner of Chamber St, sheltering by the Museum, protecting the Precious from the giant seagulls.

Fez: Anyone who would flyer our show in exchange for a hook up. Male , female, gender fluid & trans all are welcome.


Have you ever exploited someone? If so, details, darlings!

Frisky: It’s best not to think about the number of labour laws violated in the production of my wigs, sequinned dresses, glitter make up…. But, y’know, if I was paid more…. I think we should probably put the ticket price up actually, Fez.

Fez: Stop being selfish and think about the consumer! It’s all about the audience. It’s always the costumers fault….or is it that the customer is always right….or the right costumer is always at fault. Something like that.


What do you want people to take away from Sweatshop?

Frisky: My business card. But it’s more about what I want them to leave behind. Largely, the contents of their wallets. Times is hard.

Fez: It’s the last show in the Spiegeltent in the Underbelly Circus Hub so aside from digesting the cheeky politics, Sweatshop will be your shit hot ass kicking late night variety show where fringe punters can finish the evening on a high with our ridiculous cast or it can be the place where you kick start your party. We want people to take flyers away and we need them to people how important it is for everyone to see anything that Briefs Factory are presenting this year like SWEATSHOP or BRIEFS or HOT BROWN HONEY.

Sweatshop runs at Circus Hub Lafayette from August 4th to 22nd at 11pm