The Old Dr Bell’s Baths, Main Venue

August 5th to 11th 15:00 and 20:00

🌟🌟(Two Stars)

The gods of Rock known as Queen continue to stand the test of time, with a back catalogue of music that will never be matched, also with a smash hit musical, “We Will Rock You” and the Oscar-winning movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” soaring to the top of the box office it would seem there is no end to the enduring legacy of Freddie Mercury and the boys.

This production listed in the Musicals and opera strand of the fringe guide is clearly in the wrong category. This is purely a rock concert and should be listed in the “Music” section. Located in the heart of Leith in Great Junction Street in the Old Dr Bell’s Bath house. This is an all standing affair, something which isn’t advertised.

The bath house isn’t massive and half the hall is taken up with a giant stage, including a sound, visual and lighting system that could easily light up the Edinburgh playhouse, it almost feels like the show needs a far bigger home than Dr Bells Baths can give them.

Musically the band known as majesty are actually very good at what they do, paying tribute to Queen, but the dodgy wigs are a let-down, and just one number in and in true rock fashion, they blew all the power out! Clearly, the venue isn’t up to the job of hosting this show.

Once the power was restored, following a sing along to “we will rock you” the show plodded on, one thing is for sure the die hard fans of the music will adore it, but the ticket price for the show, which includes standing for two hours is vastly overpriced.

It didn’t rock me, but for died in the wool Queen Fans it may just rock your world provided the power stays on.

Brett Herriot

Twitter @BrettHerriot