Four Poofs and a Piano

Four Poofs and a Piano – Business as Usual
Pleasance Courtyard

The four performers who make up the world’s most famous house band are back on the fringe with a blast of a show.

Starting with a lamenting song to former glories with one Mr Jonathan Ross the take the audience on a 50 minute romp through the ins and outs of life on the road of touring act, and little asides allowing each performer to have a moment to shine solo in the spotlight.

The show has a deep adult sexual humour side which the audience indulge with abandonment and adds to the atmosphere. The boys skill has always been in the writing, or more to the point, rewriting of some of the pop world’s most iconic songs, In the firing line were Adele and Elaine Page to name but two.

The show does fly past and I can’t help wondering if 50 minutes is long enough for the ticket price, but that aside it’s a blistering show concluded with perhaps the most unique homage to the great songs and performers of musical theatre I’ve ever seen.

This is a must see show in the tea time slot on the fringe this year!