Forgetting Natasha

Forgetting Natasha
Zoo Southside

Inspired by one woman’s struggle with dementia, ‘Forgetting Natasha’ is a ‘multi-layered performance using dance, poetry and digital media’, and the show would have been a much stronger piece of theatre, if they cut out the speech, as the standard of acting did not match up to the level of dancing. In attempt to create an innovative multi-media performance, the trio sacrificed the overall effect of the piece, and it was weakened by awkward monologues and flashbacks.

In one instance, there was a monologue performed over a beautiful duet, and I didn’t take in any of what was being said. Ironically, the first, last and only snippet of speech I caught was ‘I won’t remember any of it’, so they cleverly (but accidentally) transferred this feeling of memory lapse through their over-acted attempts to create poignant and moving theatre. The flow of the show was really slick and well choreographed against the multi-media score and these two components complemented each other nicely.

The stage was dominated by a gauze at the front of the stage and this was most effective when they utilised this with projections and video feed, in sync with their movements. Generally they successfully conveyed imagery and metaphor to strengthen the thematic impact of the show, but the ending was incredibly weak, and it seemed to have a habit of undermining itself.