Fabulous Divas of Hollywood

Fabulous Divas of Hollywood
the Spaces at Surgeons Hall

Alan Palmer, a noted artist from Broadway expands on his Divas of Broadway production with a look at the Diva’s from Holly wood such greats as Better Davis, Joan Crawford, Liza Minnelli, Audrey Hepburn, Julie Andrews and more are carefully woven into a 50 minute show.

Alan performs the show single handed with a little help from a hidden back stage dresser as he whirls through a selection of gowns and outfits related to each divas most famous moment. For me the highlight was his stunning rendition of Judy Garland as she would have been if she were alive today.

To allow the costume changes to happen he allows us into his life of living and working in Hollywood or more to the point the Hollywood system which no longer exists. However the production does fall down a bit as he tries to cover costume changes which are taking too long with asides which cause him to lose track of the script every now and again. I think this will remedy itself as the show beds in to its run.

The whole experience was very late night cabaret, very much becoming of those legendary supper clubs and cabaret rooms of Broadway. A worthwhile production in its late night slot.