Ever Mainard:Let Me Be Your Main Man

Ever Mainard:Let Me Be Your Main Man
Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14)
August 4 – 28; (not 15)
She’s here, she’s queer, she’s from Texas and with that occasionally stumbling introduction, and a bit of uneasy banter with the audience, we’re off on a drive through of the perils of the heroine’s life. Trucks that come with built-in gun racks, small town newspaper interviews that come with built-in prejudice – (are you going to be like gay on stage?) and moving to the big city are pit stops along the way. 
She also covers the standard scenarios of the twenty-something comedian including the break-ups, the hook-ups, the f—-ups of relationships and the various ways of making things right such as consolation from well-meaning but wacky friends, buying rocks (the stone kind) in LA, and refusing to commune with crystals. Then, of course, there’s the “weeping in a bubble bath” post- breakup cure and to this she brings a genuinely unique and hairy twist that is strongest and funniest part of the set.Unfortunately just when she has really hit her stride with this scene, it’s time up leaving more laughs than she was able to get out this early in the run of her month-long show circling the plughole.
It’s an uneven set both in performance (she talks to the floor a lot) and in content where she sometimes seems unsure where to go next with her US-based material, but once she irons out her uncertainties she’s got a show that sure to please many with its originality and directness.
RM Ballantyne