Eric Lampaert

Eric Lampaert
Pleasance Courtyard

Where’s Eric? Well, no doubt he’s soon to be everywhere. Star of tv adverts, recent ITV disaster ‘OMG with Peaches Geldof’, winner of Latitude Best New Act Award and back at the Fringe with another show, the boy is quickly building up a following. Understandably so – he’s young, he’s fashionable, loud and energetic, unable to stand still for more than a few seconds. When we strip this all away however, he is essentially unfunny, a husk. But who cares right? He can skip and squawk.

Of particular annoyance was the multitude of apologies that followed the numerous occasions of unsuccessful material, with one prolonged dip in the middle of the set being remedied by a high five on the front row. The baseless laughter returned for this action only proves that Lampaert’s child-like energy is the sole reason people are being drawn in – like fast food it is quick, sugary and easy and like fast food I was left still hungry. Littering the performance was a succession of tiresome puns not even worthy of Christmas-cracker status and when aiming to push the boundaries of acceptable taste we were met with tepid McCann jokes succeeded by another request for forgiveness this time for being “so dark”. Those shocked in the audience were clearly the cretins tuning in to ITV2 for Geldof’s holocaust, and Lampaert is sure to have enough of these at each of his shows to give the disguise of a successful run at the festival.

Somehow I feel that Lampaert will forever be ‘one to watch’, never fully surpassing this due to being unable to fool us all with his high-fives and ability to jump. There is no denying he has charm but unfortunately I fear this is as far as it goes.