Editors Interview: Skin Deep

Our Editor, Taylor, caught up with the cast of Skin Deep to talk body confidence, getting hit on and all things penis!

Taylor: We are at the Gilded Balloon where I’ve just walked out from a performance of SKIN DEEP with Shaun, Shani, Will, Nick, Aaron and their producer Richard and we’re with them just now. We’re going to find out and get some questions for you guys. How was your show guys?

Cast: Great! Pretty good thanks! Yes!

Taylor: Amazing. So guys. Tell me about the show.

Shani: Okay. So it’s an hour long show all about body image, how we feel about ourselves, different issues that we all face day to day and throwing a bit of a lovely light on it. There are some lovely heartfelt moments. There are some hysterical moments. A bit of something for everyone.

Taylor:  How is Edinburgh so far?

Shani: We love it!

Shaun: We love it. It’s my first ever time in the city and on The Fringe and we’re all having like the best time. The atmosphere is amazing! Everyone is so, so friendly. There’s such a variety of shows and I speak for everyone when we say we’re having the best time.

Nick:  It’s amazing how many people are here and yet there are still moments where you’re just walking along and you feel really, really free. Like it’s lovely to just walk after coming from London where you’re taking the tube everywhere, suddenly coming to Edinburgh and it’s just like walking to work is lovely.

Aaron: Yeah, everything is in walking distance.

Shani: There’s green!

Aaron: The talent is unreal as well. You’ve got musicians, you’ve got performers. You’ve got circus act performers as well. You’ve got line directors, producers. So you can meet anyone here. It’s just fantastic.

Taylor: Fantastic! In your show you guys get — you guys get completely naked and bear all. You literally show everything. Do you guys get nervous?

Will: I get really nervous about my dancing. I do not care one  bit about getting my willy out, but our choreographer is — She drills us like you cannot imagine and I am scared that if I don’t get my box step right I’m going to be told off, but I will not be getting told off by my penis, so that’s what I worry about day to day.

Aaron: I’m not going to lie to start off I was feeling a little bit nervous, but then I realized when the audience is with you it actually becomes more fun, so after you’ve got the audience shouting out at you and going “Get them off! Get them things off!”, you’re going to go “Do you know what? Why not?” and then just letting it all hang out – literally.

Shaun: When the audience is behind you it’s kind of like liberating in a way, isn’t it?

Shani: And I stand there and proudly watch.

Taylor: As did I!

Shani: Very well acquainted with the peni around me.

Taylor: So do you guys ever get hit on in the show? Especially after seeing your assets? 

Shaun: I mean I get hit on every single day!

Aaron: He just looks out the window – “Hi world!” and they all went “Oh, I want you!” So — yeah.

Will: Yeah, no. I don’t know if it’s appropriate to say actually, but once after a show in Exeter and a lady in a wheelchair told me she was — How to use her crane to get her into bed so that she could have her wicked way with me. That is the truth isn’t it, Shani?

Shani: It is the truth that happened!

Aaron: You can also tell when someone from the public has seen your show because they’ll either walk really fast or they’ll look at you and give you a little bit of smile and then you’ll know “Ah crap, they’ve seen everything”.

Taylor:  This year is the year of young people of Scotland. It’s a massive thing for 2018 focusing on topics that affect young people. Your show picks a pretty hot topic of body confidence. What advice would you give to someone who lacks this or has body confidence issues?

Nick: I would say take some time away from your phone because we are so plugged in all the time and actually being constantly aware of what’s going on in Instagram. There are so many people that you can follow – personal trainers or people that are so obsessed with their bodies that you are constantly looking at and sort of expecting subconsciously to look like them, especially people that are growing up that haven’t actually properly developed yet. It’s quite worrying for them to suddenly look at that and expect themselves to look like that already. So yeah, take some time away and just look out the window occasionally. Look up from your phone and spend time talking to people instead of typing.

Shaun: Also – a topic that the show talks about and I think is really relevant is that like so many people Photoshop their pictures and they don’t actually look like that in real life, and I feel like loads of people hide behind like a fake facade., so not everyone is as perfect as you think that they may claim.

Shani: I also think personally having been on the show now since October, I have always struggled as a person (not even as an actress) to accept myself and the one thing that this show has taught me is that everybody is beautiful no matter who they are, no matter what they are, who they are —

Taylor: So why should people come and see your show? 

Male Cast Member: Because we’re good!

Will:  We don’t profess to be Le Mis, even though Shaun says we’re better than them. It is just an hour of fun. There is a message within it as well. You’re going to come, you’re going to feel a bit emotional. You’re going to laugh a lot, but also you will walk away thinking you know what maybe I should not worry as much

Shani: You get an eyeful as well!

Nick: It has been said we are like a better version of Full Monty, Don’t know whether I can say that but someone did so It must be true!

Taylor: Thanks guys, Skin Deep is on every night except the 13th and 20th in the Nightclub Room at Gilded Balloon at 9.15pm. Tuesday 21st August will be a clothing optional performance which I may or may not be attending….