Desiree Burch: This Is Evolution

desiree burch


Heroes @ Bob’s Blundabus (Venue212)

Aug 4-29



It took me 3 weeks of reviewing shows to find the funniest comedian I have ever seen in person.  She left me breathless with laughter for the first time this Fringe.

Desiree Burch is more than a comedian but that doesn’t detract from the fact she is a brilliant one.  She is also a Fag Hag, Writer, Actor and Teacher.

And she’s going to teach you.  You’re going to learn about how men who send dick pics and how they just need a hug and a muffin, how skinny white women compete at self-criticism, the fact that you’re going to shit your pants at some point in your life and if you’re lucky she might throw some quantum physics in the mix too.

She is hilarious, empowering, vivacious and uplifting.  Her tales of family dysfunction, what it’s like to just not want kids, racism as a hobby, dating the guy that is exactly like your dad, having the face that says “ask me directions immediately”, dating younger or older guys, all of it is told with such a sense of joy and acceptance of the diversity and ridiculousness of life.

There’s no sense of bitterness, only beauty and wonder at our shared experiences and eccentric differences as people.

I’m sitting on the top deck of a bus, listening to this gorgeous, witty, utterly fabulous and loving big black woman holding court, and I imagine Rosa Parks sitting beside me, both of us with our glasses steaming up with shared warmth and laughter.

Simply the best.  Oh, and her poster is a depiction of her made out of dicks. Double win.