DeAnne Smith: The Best DeAnne Smith DeAnne Smith Can Be

DeAnne Smith: The Best DeAnne Smith DeAnne Smith Can Be
Gilded Balloon

DeAnne Smith is rather charming.  She is also fairly laddish, a touch self deprecating and a little manic too.  Not exactly all things to all men.. but she’s damn well trying.

The fact that Smith appeals to all sorts is a testimony to her show and herself.  Her comedy is polished and perfectly precise.  A hair doesn’t fall out of place from her side swept haircut (what is it with lesbians and their fringes?), yet she makes the time to gently mock herself, referring to the fact she does look rather like the geeky hybrid love child of Justin Bieber and Harry Potter.

Her punch lines are delivered swiftly yet it does seem as though she has perfected her routine a little too much, perhaps newcomers’ nerves at wanting to make everything perfect.  But then comes the undoubtable highlight of her set; ‘Six and a Half Minutes of Bonus Hilarity’.  Bruce the tech sets a timer and off she goes, chatting with the audience and finding herself amongst a self confessed polygamist and a young teen with daddy issues.  Smith interacts so naturally and confidently with a small room of strangers it makes me think she should spend a little more of her set straying from her material.

For the past hour, like HP himself, Smith has been casting a spell over the audience and is now about to sever the connection.  This lady is a brilliant comedian, perceptive and original and as an audience member I do feel as though I have fallen for her charms.  The break up is swift, but I have no doubt she’ll be entering into our lives once more, on a much bigger stage.