Craig Hill – Blown By a Fan…!

Craig Hill – Blown By a Fan…!
Udderbelly’s Pasture

Hill explodes on stage like a molotov cocktail of camp, and as always the mostly middle class heterosexual audience love it. They just can’t get enough of this incredibly funny man who with every essence of his being personifies the stereotype of a sex-hungry, promiscuous yet jolly gay.

The audience listen with rapturous attention as Hill quips with them about the pretty generic topics of where they’re from (Dundee – bad hair and trainers); what they do; (mostly just ‘a big flaccid penis’ of admin related jobs) and lifestyles (although he presumes that an audience member is straight when she’s actually there with her girlfriend). Hill seemingly has knowledge of every little town in the UK, and no one can fault his seamless rapier wit that no one is safe from!

I couldn’t help get the feeling though that the best bits of Hill’s performance were the parts where he regaled us with tales of previous shows or situations he’d found himself in. Like the Kilmarnock granny who’s allergic to teeth and Elaine Paige dirty granny dancing with an ill-fitting wrap around skirt. I feel if Hill’s show was more about him and less about the banal people who seemed too drunk or incapable of holding a cognisant conversation, it would be elevated to another level. The constant ‘what’s your lovely name’  which seems to be Hill’s intro-catchphrase made me moan inside by the end of the show. I just wanted to hear more from Hill!

This will be one of the fastest hours of your life, as Hill cuts through the audience like a cheese slicer through as block of cheddar! Oozing sex, Hill has the audience right where he wants them … those who don’t want him want to be him!