Clockwork Orange

Clockwork Orange
C Chambers Street

This stunning production involves acting of a high order along with impressive athleticism and dancing ability. The story of droog Alex is told at a fast pace, and we see him dominating his group, acting out violence, loving his dear Ludwig van, being incarcerated, treated and apparently cured – but is he still fully human? You will have to go see.

The dynamic acting blows you away, as scene after scene flows along.  If I have one criticism it is the pace at times. When violence is about to take place, a pregnant pause can really heighten the effect – also when Alex (a brilliant and virtuoso central performance here) is about to be “cured” by a form of torture, the slow determination of his oppressors will always increase the sense of horror.

But these are fairly small quibbles with a show where the whole cast seem to delight in their skills, and where the audience is gripped by the scruff of the neck from the first moment.

This is a show you really must add to your list!