theSpaces at Surgeons Hall

As an old woman taps into her memories, she unearths scandalous (yet predictable) experiences governed by maternal angst and parental pressures. Immediately the performance was teeming with cliché, as she reached for the keystone of any schools props cupboard; and the metronome pendulum began to ‘click’. Clutching this, she swayed from side to side chanting irritatingly sing-song verse repeating the word ‘click’, so needless to say there was no mystery surrounding the significance of the title.

The actor playing the protagonist was convincing as an elderly woman and her younger self however hackneyed the overall effect was, but this did not relax the raised eyebrow expression my face adopted by the incessant clicking. Admittedly, there didn’t seem to be a distinction between the ways in which she acted the various emotions in the play, but it seemed to convey a child-like innocence, and guiltless perspective cast upon her life, which I took to be intentional. They captured the sense of nostalgia well with her eyes glistening tears at the glimpses of happiness pre-empting the shocking incidents of her rape and accidental murder of her infant child.

Nevertheless, I’d rather she recollected different parents, as they were frankly bad and as monotonous as the metronome, but at least her mother suited the icy maternal exterior.