C 60 

Underbelly Med Quad. (Venue 302)

August  3rd to 29th (not 15th)



The title of this show will resonate with those of us who are old enough to remember cassette tapes. (I still have the facilities to play mine.) This is a very relaxed and entertaining hour, with many laughs and recollections. Christian has a reputation as the stand-up comedian who lies down in his act, and he did not disappoint this time.

This is all about music, mixtapes and recording Top of the Pops off the telly. You will hear music from the past. maybe stuff you had forgotten and now enjoy, and have the chance to throw in your own suggestions and memories. The age range was substantial when I went and some younger punters were eager to contribute.

This is a very relaxed – laid back?- performance, and very engaging. It is an ideal pre-dinner indulgence, and the house has been filling up, so don’t delay your booking.

Tony Challis