Christeene: Trigger



Theatre (music)

Underbelly Cowgate (venue 61)

Aug 17th- 28th (not 22nd)



I’ve just come out of this gig on a total high. I’m sweaty, had a drink spilled on me and I have Christeene’s spit in my hair (she spits, who would have thought?) and guess what, I’m so going back to do it all over again.

For those unfamiliar Christeene is an American drag queen like no other. A gender-fucked, shit stained, ultra whore.  A Drag terrorist if you will, who sings her incredibly, filthy electro-thrash songs, with killer dance routines about African mayonnaise, fixing you dick and tears from my pussy. Subtle she is not, this is a full riot on stage. Two years on from winning a host of awards at the fringe she’s back. Fucking hell the fringe is a better place with her in it.

I caught her performing at the CCA in Glasgow recently, it was a gorgeous venue but it was just plain wrong for Christeene. Thankfully for the Fringe, she’s performing in the basement of the Cowgate. A dingy, sweat box of a cave, it transforms the show, massively changing the mood and intensity. The crowd were in total awe, terrified and utterly thrilled.

Of course one can’t live on simulating rimming and fisting shock factor alone. Beneath the filth Christeene has some beautiful, heartfelt moments. Urging us all to burn our uniforms, get off our damn phones and fuck as many people as you can, life is short. Gandhi couldn’t have put it any better.

Make sure you get yourself a ticket.

Martin Miller