Chef: Come Dine With Us!



Assembly George Square   (Venue 8)

August  4th to 29th (not 15)



A great deal of fun and sheer joy is packed into an hour here. There is a comical introduction of characters and their conflicts, with the first of a number of bits of audience participation. Several different meals are “prepared”, from the cuisines of several countries. We have beatboxing and breakdancing, both of a very high standard. And even undersea adventures….

The pace is fast and the laughs are many. The coordination, slickness and professionalism are very impressive. The slapstick is great, including the high-flying dough. The audience involvement  can be significant and involved, but have no fear – if you are in the front few rows and called up it is all good fun and you will be warmly applauded.

This is a show for all ages – there were children there, a two year old on daddy’s knee next to me and she was rapt throughout. But there is plenty for the alert older eye, and it was a pity that one stunning breakdancer had his top of so briefly. He then donned a helmet and spun brilliantly.

I looked at my watch after forty minutes not because I was anything but delighted but because I thought they had done so much in the time, did they really have time for more? This is a brilliant show to see if you are feeling in the least down and you want your spirits lifted. It is an hour of many pleasures which will leave you feeling good to be alive.

Tony Challis