Briefs Sweatshop

Underbelly’s Circus Hub on the Meadows (Venue 360)


Aug 6-22 ( not 15)



Hosted by Miss Frisky, this Briefs Factory knock-off is nestled in the delicious Underbelly Circus Hub on the Meadows (no need to try and figure out which bit, just follow the lights). Sod trying to find the sign for Lafayette by the way, just look for the Fun House Mirrors, it’ll save time and confusion.


La Frisky herself is charming, cunty and as utterly fabulous as ever. She can do no wrong and as compere/forewummin she commands the space beautifully. Her hench-bitches for the endeavor are the delightfully grotesque one-woman sex clown industry, Betty Grumble and the floor-sweeping cocktease extraordinaire Brett Rosengreen. Also adding extra sass to the mix are their immoral immigrants Crystal Stacey of Hot Brown Honeys whose hula hooping is top notch and Valium (Jarred Dewey, freshly escaped from Circa only to be enslaved by Sweatshop) and who proves real queens do everything other boys can but with added 5 inch heels. They’ll be joined by various zero-hours contracted performers during the run.


This is like when you used to go off to the park at night and get drunk then fuck about on the swings (maybe you still do). Except you’re buying a ticket, it’s all sparkly and if you’re lucky a sex clown might throw their shit at you.


Immensely good fun, entertaining and a worthy addition to the Briefs Factory family (and nobody exploits you like family). Yes, there’s also a serious theme about workers rights and conditions but Miss Frisky won’t let that detract from your fun.


If you’re wondering where the delicious Mannish is, he’s been outsourced to Med Quad to be in Royal Vauxhall as Kenny Everett – they will be back together for a one-night only performance of their CabaRIOT show at Underbelly.


If it isn’t necessarily organic free range entertainment at least it’s fair trade for the ticket price cause you’ll be very glad you went (and maybe came).

Zander Bruce