Cabaret and Variety

Assembly Hall, The Mound (Venue 35)


Aug 4-21, not 8th or 15th


After 2 years away the boy-lesque beauties return and I couldn’t be happier. Actually that’s not strictly true. Don’t get me wrong, the lads deliver a knockout performance, they know how to whip their audience into a frenzy and they are supremely talented. The only drawback is that most of the routines are from previous shows.


This doesn’t mean it’s boring by any means. It’s familiar and comforting, their moves are on point and it’s easy to fall for them all over again. There are a couple of new sequences, one of them a solo hoop piece by the mesmerising Thomas, just him, a pair of skinny jeans and a distinct reminder that these menfolks aren’t just strippers, they are masters of their craft.


If you’ve never seen them before, what can you expect? Gorgeous queer (and queer-adjacent) men in fabulous costumes, with stunning acrobatic agility, being playful and outrageous. It’s very much an adult show, it’s empowering and positive, energetic and shameless. Also, hang out in the courtyard, get your pic taken, chat to the boys, they’re so incredibly friendly.


It’s hard not to sexually objectify these gods of bachanalian burlesque and they seem to revel in that. I’m not sure how comfortable I am my own rapid and rabid lascivious descent into a leering ravenous mess.


My recommendation is to get there early, get seats up front centre for the best experience. But wherever you sit, you’re in for an astonishing evening of entertainment and joy.


They’re incredible entertainers and have spawned other shows now such as their firce sista show, Hot Brown Honeys, there’s Sweatshop hosted by Miss Frisky and so it’s clear their brand is strong and maybe that’s why they’ve kept their flagship offering consistent. There are plenty of other shows but Briefs keep me coming back for more.


Category is Butch Queen Spandex Barbie Realness and they continue to snatch trophies. Jealoussssssss.


Zander Bruce