Bourgeois & Maurice: How to Save the World Without Really Trying


Underbelly Cowgate (Venue 61)

Time 21:25

3rd to 28th Aug (not 15th)


We all want the world to be a better place, right? Just we’re quite busy. Or there might be something on Netflix. Well maybe we could go see a cabaret show, which at least will support the arts. Only if we can get comps, like.

How To Save The World Without Really Trying is a riotous piss-take of all of us who convince ourselves that we’re informed, militant activists after posting some shit on Facebook. Part of the joy of Bourgeois & Maurice is their ability to also admit their own personal complicity in this.

Expect original songs about sex chem parties, europe, british values (including slavery), killing all the men, loving someone even though they’re not a smartphone and then their answer to how to unite people (which is on-point and not as tacky as you’d expect).

Ridiculously funny multimedia usage, the best trainers in showbiz, razor sharp social political satire and sheer attitude help this show transcend the dank cavern in the Cowgate and give the audience a top-notch cabaret performance.

I was as blown away by this set as I was 7 years ago, when seeing them for Hairline at their Edinburgh Fringe (Frange as Georgeios Bourgeois pronounce it) debut. The only thing that might surpass this is their Middle of the Road show with David Hoyle, which I can only imagine would require a whole new star rating.

Beforehand I’d been to a show with a harrowing and traumatic ending, both my companion and I were in a state of shock. B&M epitomised the healing power of cabaret and soon had both our spirits soaring. They are true entertainers.