Bob Downe: 20 Golden Greats

Bob Downe: 20 Golden Greats
Gilded Balloon

Mark Trevorrow brings his masterful creation back to the Fringe after a five year break and boy is he back with a bang.

Bob Downe is now quite rightly a legend of the Fringe scene having more than 15 festivals under his belt beginning before the boom of the comedy section he lead the field with his blend of comedy, music and campery.

Does its still work in today’s fringe? Yes it certainly does, what makes his show stand out is Mark’s complete conviction when playing the character so much so it’s hard to tell were Mark ends and Bob begins. The idea for this production is a look back at Bob’s 20 golden great records from his lounge singer infused collection with a smattering of quiz question with prizes on offer to the audience and some camp comedy helped along with an audience member who just happened to be called Gay (short for Gaynor no doubt).

The non-stop energy of Bob ensures the hour flies passed without slowing even when his radio microphone ran out of battery and a member of the Gilded Balloon technical crew became part of the action it remained hilariously funny throughout.

Bob completes the show with a slew of crowd pleasing numbers which had the capacity audience cheering him to end and even down to the café bar afterwards for a special meet and greet session with The Man Himself. This is one show that will enjoy a sell-out run in the festival so grab a ticket while you can!