Big Dave’s Gay, B, C of Life

Big Dave’s Gay, B, C of Life
Laughing Horse at the Beehive Inn

One quarter of Britain’s most famous house band four poofs and a piano, Dave Wickenden is going solo in this 45 minute show at this little venue on the Grassmarket.

Dave who admits himself to being the biggest member of the four poofs by volume gets the biggest obstacle of being a part of four poofs out the way from the start so the audience understand the show is really about him and his life through the words and lyrics of his writing.

I found myself captivated by his take on life and where his journey has taken him by using a bag of balls, a dash of dirty humour and a heck of lot of charm.

Dave admits this is his first time solo and it shows a little but his charm wins through and this adds up to a pleasing lunch time journey of camp humour. Worth seeing if your fan of the four poofs and more so if you like to see a man who has mingled with the stars reveal the best parts of his life.