Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show


Pleasance Dome (Venue 23)

3- 29 Aug, not 16, 23



 A menu of five or six short plays is offered – three different menus on consecutive days – together with coffee, croissant, and strawberry.  You attend, consume, and enjoy.


Menu One had six courses, varying in taste, texture, colour and mood – everything you’ve always hated about chuggers [and undreamed-of employment opportunities]; a chilling investigation of the strength of loyalty when everything you know has been taken from you; how to do a test run before you actually kidnap anyone; the ultimate outcome of the hidden surveillance of our on-line activity; the problems of dating when you’re psychic; and the challenges inherent in teaching Shakespeare in schools today.


The cast did an excellent job of changing mood and character with each piece and keeping the audience engaged throughout.  Some plays were more interactive than others: all were appreciated and warmly applauded.  One or two had somewhat predictable endings, which did not detract from their charm; others were indeed surprising.  The least satisfying for me was “Ten Reasons Why Hamlet Was Gay” – I found it an unrealistic mix of extremely well-observed teenage chavlike behavior with intelligent arguments against prejudice and lit. crit. – the latter not sitting comfortably in the pupils’ mouths: but then I’ve not been in school lately!  I was gripped by Broken, and thrilled by the Thrilling Hostage Melodrama at High Speeds with Pineapple, but for me the Palme d’Or goes to All You’ll Ever Want with its chillingly accurate projection of the ultimate use to which the Global Retail Corp [GRC] will put the information it has gleaned from your use of the internet for every aspect of your life.


This is the tenth year of the Big Bite-Sized Breakfast Show, and it’s as enjoyable, entertaining, and excellent as ever.  If you haven’t breakfasted with it before, why not?  If you have, go again: and if you want to revisit the past, go to their Big Lunch Hour, in which they present some of the plays performed between 2006 and 2015, chosen by public vote.


Go enjoy!


Mary Woodward