Be My Baby

Be my Baby
Zoo Roxy

The only conceivable reason for seeing this show is if you are a relative or friend of the cast. Reminding me horribly of a GCSE drama production, with jumpers shoved up their skirts for pregnancy bumps. Some of these girls are at University level, but were nevertheless amateur. The acting was atrocious, their accents constantly slipped and I was completely distracted by the lumpy excuse for a baby bump. Born out of a collaborative approach to creating theatre, ‘each member of the team having both creative and technical input’, the resulting show bore the mark of weak direction, and perhaps this is why.

With a talented cast, the play would clearly have been amusing, and maybe even moving, but I was left musing over the other shows I could have been watching and willing the venue to cut the cord on this show.  Without further ado, or any other birthing puns, I would not recommend anyone else’s time or money on this show, but the snippets of 60’s music were welcome.