Bang Bang Circus

Bang Bang Circus
Assembly George Square

I did not know what to expect when I entered into this magnificent tent.  This would be my favourite venue for its beautiful canopy and historic feeling, if it wasn’t for the absence of raised seating and lack of blackout in the day.

This performance consisted of around eight different acts, each doing a five minute set.  The acts all performed some sort of physical ability from swallowing a sword to juggling to hula hooping.  Individually I did not have a problem with any of the acts, but I did feel that at around £10 a ticket this is extortionate when you can see very similar acts on the Royal Mile for free everyday.

My favourite act was a smaller man from Zimbabwe who performed an excellent mime that involved being pulled around by his umbrella – he had covered himself in grey powder that gave a good visual effect.

The compere was uninteresting and did not seem to engage with the audience or ensure continuity between the acts.  This however did not let the acts down completely because individually they were talented.  Everyday the acts are different, so I suppose that it is difficult to comment on a show that’s varied everyday, I can only assume the standard and style will typical of this show each day.