Ava Vidal: The Hardest Word

Ava Vidal: The Hardest Word
The Stand 5

Is ‘sorry’ the hardest word? Ava Vidal clearly thinks so. In this cosy makeshift performance space above the GHQ gay club, she delivered a pretty run of the mill set, with only a couple of real stand out moments. This was competent stuff and the audience certainly laughed in all the right places, but it treaded very familiar ground. Nor did she delve too deeply into her chosen subjects – racism, Islamophobia, being a parent, celebrity and so on.

Her strongest section was during a discussion about racism in Australia – and the continued prejudice endured by the indigenous communities there – despite a very public apology by the Australian government. One got the feeling that this was the bit of the show she most cared about – and it showed. She also briefly talked about homophobia and the tensions between gays and Muslims. Sadly she resorted to making statements here – although she may well have been right – there was very little to back up her argument. Another section attacking Johann Hari – again making statements without any, well, facts, left me cold because I simply didn’t agree with her.

Ava Vidal is a very talented comic, who has a shot at making it really big. She could be selling out venues several times this size if – and I hate to sound patronizing – she tried just a little harder.