Arthur Smith – Mindlessness – a Beginner’s Guide



   Pleasance Courtyard

August  5th to 21st



As we relax into into our seats, having come out of the sun for a break in the dark, we watch a view of a splendid tropical beach, sand, sea and palm trees. This reflects the way that Arthur Smith will relax us throughout his hour on stage. He begins dancing wildly, and the screen behind serves as a very good opening joke. Excellent use is made of that screen throughout.

Arthur Smith is a comic legend, known to many over the years via Radio 4. But this is no on-stage radio show; Arthur Smith has a very engaging and entertaining stage presence, both on stage and on screen here. He takes us through the many stages of his Mindlessness course, part of which involves throwing off the unnecessary clutter of modern life.

Various London characters are invoked, and some from Arthur’s past.  We become more and more relaxed, until we all get something to play with. He relates to his audience with great warmth without ever touching on the over-familiar.

We emerge back into the sunlight all with broad smiles, having enjoyed an hour in the company of one of the most accomplished acts in the business.


Tony Challis