Anna Morris: It’s Got to Be Perfect



The Voodoo Rooms (venue 68)

-Aug 28th




Ultra posh Georgina, is getting ready for the wedding of the century, her own. She’s been planning it since the days she was born and now she has found herself  a rich man, she has 22 rehearsals to make sure it is absolutely perfect. Each Fringe show is a rehearsal and apparently each show varies massively.

I wasn’t sure I was going to like it at first. I have little to no interest in wedding planning but I could see that Morris was likable and very funny improvising with the audience. By being the rich bitch she gets away with dismissing the crowd, where they live and what they do. It’s fun but at first nothing more. At least it seems so, but Morris has written a brilliantly thought-out narrative. As more and more things start to go wrong with the wedding, like an unfortunate spelling mistake in the invitations, a crazy ex boyfriend wanting her back, she starts to go into total meltdown. Till the audience were rolling about the floor in laughter. To give away any of the plot reveals would be totally unfair. But just know that she plants little seeds of plot throughout the audience that she reaps later in wildly inventive and intelligent ways.

Throw in musical numbers, lots of audience participation, the rudest husband ever and ‘that’ Dirty Dancing lift and you have one of the smartest and best free shows at the fringe.

Martin Miller