Angus Dunican: The Vanity Project

Angus Dunican: The Vanity Project
Gilded Balloon at The Counting House (venue170)
to August 28
Scruffily-dressed Angus Dunican is a surprise. He must surely be a king of comedy that is seeped in philosophy, psychology, social awareness and an awesome vocabulary. Where else are you going to hear a performer confidently talk about  the confused sculpture of a personality, books and phones as inventions of encoding language, or social change being industrialised.
Don’t sigh and look away, it’s nothing like a university tutorial. It’s funny, it’s warm, it’s humane and totally engaging. Because while we’re hearing all the big words and concepts, he’s also telling us everyday stories – about weddings, vegans, lonely kids and borrowed clothes. About how we try to relate to other people. But mostly he weaves his set around his friend, a strange fabulist Klingon kinda guy, whose eulogy he has to research and deliver at his funeral. The friend as we can guess was a little lonely and here Dunican manages to pull off the feat of making a plea for loving kindness to others especially those who are socially awkward, while keeping us laughing at our selves, and our vanities. One of the more fascinating performers I’ve seen on the fringe.  Come out of your “ephemeral wilderness” and see this show.